The 2017 San Francisco 49ers became a pretty tight-knit group after going through a whole lot of losing at the beginning of the season and then an undefeated December to end the year. Rosters can change dramatically from one season to the next, so you never know if the man playing next to you will be back the next year. Some players aren't even sure if they will have an opportunity to return.

Following a 2017 campaign that saw the 49ers win their final five games of the season, a large contingent of the team decided to spend some more time together – in Las Vegas.

Our friend Joe Fann of 49ers Media had an opportunity to speak with center Daniel Kilgore, who re-signed with the team on Wednesday, on the "49ers Studios Podcast" and tried to get some details about the team's trip to Sin City.

"I will say this: We had a great time," Kilgore said. "It wasn't as rowdy as one would think. We had a great time with each other. There was a lot of money lost that weekend. There was no big winners. I would say that I think the majority of the guys came out pretty even.

"But it was good. It was fun hanging out with guys both on offense and defense outside of a football setting and just hold those conversations."

Before Wednesday, Kilgore was among the impending free agents who were not sure whether or not they would return in 2018. The Las Vegas trip, in his mind at the time, was possibly a last opportunity to spend time with his teammates before players went their separate ways during the offseason.

"Again, going back, the possibility of going to free agency, not being on the same team, just having those conversations with guys who are new to the team and what not," he continued. "But it was a great time. We enjoyed it. It was really good to see everybody kind of come together and hang out."

Last week, general manager John Lynch said he wants the 49ers to be a "destination" for free agents. Kilgore believes that will happen.

"I definitely see this being a destination of where people want to be," Kilgore said. "I think around the league, and outside the league, people are seeing the direction that this team is going. So it will be exciting to see who they go get and compete to get, and looking forward to who does come.

"But I'll just tell whoever does come to be ready to work because this is going to be a team that's building off those last five weeks and looking forward to competing and winning every week."

You can listen to the entire conversation between Kilgore and Fann here.