Our friend Kyle Brandt of NFL Network, who was recently a guest on the "No Huddle" podcast, expressed his enthusiasm about the San Francisco 49ers in 2018 during a segment on "Good Morning Football" on Friday. The 49ers were already expected to be one of the most talked about teams during the offseason and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo's five-year, $137.5 million deal, which was officially announced by the team on Thursday night, just solidifies San Francisco as the offseason's media darlings.

"The perfect marriage, the perfect deal, and the perfect negotiations," said Brandt's "Good Morning Football" co-host, Peter Schrager. "It did not get testy at all. I can tell you; there was absolutely no contentious nature to this. It was, 'Let's come to an agreement. The client wants to go here. The team wants him. It was perfect."

How big was the news of Garoppolo's new contract? It interrupted the televised coverage of the Philadelphia Eagles' championship parade and celebration on Thursday.

"I'm sitting at the Philly parade yesterday, surrounded by all these rabid Eagles fans, and they start talking about the Garoppolo news," Brandt shared. "In the middle of the greatest day of their lives, and grown men crying, they're, 'Want to see what Garoppolo got?' It was that big."

Brandt continued by saying that it is unnatural to see the 49ers selecting at the top of the draft and is looking forward to a turnaround.

"The San Francisco 49ers are one of the truly treasured franchises," Brandt continued. "I am a child of Joe Montana and Steve Young. I like seeing that red and gold uniform with a 'Quarterback One' in there who's going to be the guy for decades to come. It feels right. The San Francisco 49ers should matter, and they should have a franchise quarterback who gets paid like this. So I feel like all is right in the world.

"I'm excited. There's no team we want to see more right now than San Francisco next year."

Kay Adams added that while the five games that Garoppolo started and won last year did not matter to the 49ers, who were already eliminated from playoff contention, they did matter to Garoppolo. He needed a strong showing in those five games to net the contract that he did.

In a later segment, Schrager kicked off the 49ers hype train for the 2018 offseason.

"Let's welcome you all to the 49ers hype train," Schrager exclaimed. "Let's welcome you to 'Good Morning 49ers,' the show for the next six months. Step on board. I'm Peter Schrager, your fearless conductor and this is my personalized Jimmy Garoppolo jersey."