Rookie wide receiver Trent Taylor was sick the night before Sunday's road game against the Chicago Bears. He was really sick. Taylor didn't get much sleep that night and spent the entire evening throwing up and wondering if he would be well enough to play in the game.

"It was coming out of me, whatever it was," Taylor said after the game. The awful situation, which started on Saturday night, did not end until about 6 a.m.

After receiving intravenous fluids, Taylor did end up playing against Chicago. He was targeted by quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo six times and ended the game with six catches for 92 yards, both of which were single-game career highs for the receiver. Among those catches was a crucial 3rd-and-9 reception that went for 33 yards during the 49ers' game-winning drive.

"The receiver group, tight end group, all those guys, the guys up front, it's a good, hard-working group and it paid off on Sunday," Garoppolo told reporters on Wednesday.

Was there any point on Sunday when the 49ers thought they might have to face the Bears without Taylor?

"No, not at all," Shanahan told reporters on Wednesday.

Sunday's performance by Taylor is precisely what the 49ers envisioned for their slot receiver role when they selected him in the fifth round of April's draft.

"That's what you look forward to, especially on third down when guys who can separate versus man-to-man," Shanahan said. "And when they catch it, they turn it up the field and move the chains. It's an important role throughout the league, something that we've always had on our team.

"You always have your fast, big guys, usually. Not always big but you can win with size or speed on the outside. On the inside, I think you have to win with quickness, whether it's a slot receiver, whether it's a tight end, whether it's a running back. Those are usually three areas you get those types of routes from."

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Taylor's breakout game may have had something to do with Garoppolo, who started his third career NFL game and first since joining the 49ers via a trade on October 30.

"He's a very talented player, very young," Garoppolo said of Taylor. "He's still learning things but having guys in New England who are very similar to him, I think it's going to help us acclimate to one another. Him acclimating to me and me doing the same to him. He has a savviness for the game that's rare in a young guy like that."

"Jimmy has some zip on it," Shanahan said. "It's not, by any means, easy to catch, but he can take some off too. Hitting guys in stride helps a lot and I also think guys getting open makes it easier to catch too and I thought our guys did a good job getting open."

Another receiver who was impressive on Sunday was Marquise Goodwin, who set a new single-game career high in receptions with eight and finished with a game-high 99 receiving yards.

"He scares people with his speed, no doubt about it," Garoppolo said. "The guy's a legit -- I don't know what his 100 (time) is, but it's fast. It takes the top off defenses and makes them think about that. It allows him to run some different types of routes. He's an all-around good receiver for us."

Is Goodwin the fastest receiver Garoppolo has ever worked with?

"Probably," he answered. "No disrespect to [Brandon] Cooks. He's as fast as can be in New England too, but both those guys just are very talented."

Garoppolo was asked to confirm a report that Goodwin gave his front-row seat on the team bus to him after the game.

"Something like that," Garoppolo laughed.