Are you surprised at all that you're continuing to start?

"No, I wasn't surprised. I was just going about my business like normal. Same way I've been doing. I trust the coaches' decision, whatever they decide to do."

Do you feel like your performance against the New York Giants cemented the decision?

"I don't know. You'll have to ask the coaches about that. It was a good game all around. I think we played good offensively, defensively and special teams. Got our first win, so it definitely helped."

How much are you able to get more plays in every week and expand the offense every week?

"Being a rookie in an NFL offense the first year starting, the more you play, the more your playbook expands a little bit and the more things you can do. This will be my fifth start, and I think I can handle a little bit more week in and week out. I think coach knows that as well."

How's your thumb?

"Good. It's alright."

Is there a sense for you that 'Hey I'm a third-round draft pick on this team too and I'm going to get better every start. I kind of earned this thing after what I did the last time out?'

"Yeah. There's definitely a sense like that. I think sometimes people forget at the end of the day I'm still a rookie. I'm going out there and doing the best I can every day and getting better. There's going to be mistakes. There's going to be things I learn from, as is any player or any rookie out there. I think that each week I've gotten better, at least I feel better about the offense and things I've learned from games and experiences."

That thing they say about the game slowing down, is that actually happening for you now? When you get a chance to go out there and see it all and know the terminology and all that?

"Yeah, definitely. The biggest thing is the terminology is really slowing down for me. The play calls, it's easier to call the plays and envision them in my head and then go out and execute."

You've gotten an extra week to watch the Seahawks defense on film. Do you know their defense maybe better than any other defense now?

"It's our second time playing them this year. They've got a really good defense. They've got a lot of good players back there. Obviously, I think we've got a good game plan going into it. But, it's all about executing and making the plays that we can make."

Were you able to clear your head during the break or did you find yourself thinking a lot about 'Will I be starting or will Jimmy be starting?'

"No, I didn't think about that at all. It was nice to get a break, clear my head. I got back to Iowa, got to watch a game as a fan and some games as a fan over the weekend. It was fun."

What was that like going back there? Do they know you a little bit better now?

"Yeah, I think so. It was just good to see some of the players that I played with and the coaching staff. The fans are great. The best fans in the country are at Iowa. It was great getting back."

Are there some 49er fans there now?

"Definitely. There really are. I saw a lot more than I've ever seen out there."

Nice to go back a winner?

"Definitely. It was huge to get that win last week, go into the Bye a little more relaxed and enjoy it a little bit more."

* Transcript provided by the San Francisco 49ers