To get hit so many times, what is it like to physically go through that?

"In the middle of a game, your adrenaline is kind of going. So, it's not until tonight, tomorrow, I really feel those hits. Physically, sometimes some are worse than others. Sometimes they hurt. Sometimes they don't."

You ever think, 'Okay maybe I need to step out for a couple plays here'?

"No. I usually know if it's something real serious, bad, that I need to step out. I felt like I could stay in and be alright."

You had some drops as well. Were you frustrated at all in the game?

"Yeah, it's frustrating. Anytime you lose, it stinks. We just got to go back and look at the tape, look at the film and see what we can learn from and where we can do better."

Head Coach Kyle Shanahan said he was proud that your teammates got your back on that slide play. What did you feel about that?

"That's awesome they had my back. I knew they would. Guys like [RB] Carlos [Hyde]. It stinks that he got ejected, but it shows he's got my back. I really appreciate that and so does all the other guys that went at them as well.

You took a forearm under the chin on that one. Is that probably the most painful hit you had today?

"No. Actually, the most painful hit wasn't even really a hit. It was when I was throwing; I hit somebodies helmet with my thumb. That was the most painful thing. My neck got twisted around on the false start. That one didn't feel great."

That's the one where you hit the guys helmet?

"No, that's not the one. I'm talking about a different one now."

On the last interception, it bounces off WR Trent Taylor helmet. Were you trying to kill that one?

"I was just trying to get it in the ground, yeah. Just throw it away."

The offense scored 10 points for the third game in a row. What's preventing you from taking strides the last few weeks?

"The opportunities are there; we just aren't making them. Dallas, we were in the red zone a couple times, fumbled. Today, we got down there then we had a penalty that kicked us back. We just got to be able to finish. We're moving the ball; we just got to be able to finish drives and get the points on the board."

We've seen quarterbacks in this league, especially young ones, get kind of shell-shocked after getting hit so often. How do you stop that from happening and keep your confidence up even though you're getting sacked and getting hit?

"That's one thing. I'm not afraid of getting hit. So, that won't affect me. It never has. I'm tough, and I've been able to take things. Obviously, if I'm injured then I won't force myself in there, but as of now I haven't been injured."

QB Jimmy Garoppolo is the back-up. What was the communication like on the sideline with him?

"It was good. He was real supportive, helping me out, and talking with the quarterbacks coach. Whenever I wanted to warm-up, throw, he was there and ready to throw. He was helpful."

* Transcript provided by the San Francisco 49ers