Rookie C.J. Beathard entered the week in unfamiliar territory. He is now the starting quarterback of an NFL franchise. More specifically, he is the starting quarterback for a San Francisco 49ers team that is desperately seeking its first win of the season.

Beathard replaced former starter Brian Hoyer during Sunday's loss to the Washington Redskins and nearly mounted a comeback. However, for the fifth-straight week, the 49ers fell just short of a victory. Beathard's first practice as the team's starting quarterback will kick off on Wednesday at 1:25 p.m. PT.

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke with the media on Wednesday afternoon and shared how Beathard is adapting to becoming the team's new starting quarterback.

"He's been good so far," Shanahan said. We just sit and review the game tape on Monday, so we've only had him here for a few hours, introduced him to the game plan. We just went out to a walk-through, he did a good job with it. C.J. started a lot of games in college. I don't think it's too big for him. I think he's used to having it and I think he's just going to go about it like he's gone about every other day throughout his career."

Beathard's first NFL start will come on Sunday against the visiting Dallas Cowboys and amid the hoopla of a day the 49ers will use to honor team great Dwight Clark.

"I think the guys have a lot of trust in [Beathard]," Shanahan said. "I think the guys like him as a person so it's been all positive."

Shanahan believes that Beathard's toughness both physically and mentally is what could make him successful in the NFL. This rookie quarterback has the ability to throw and handle the pressure and adversity of playing in the league week in and week out.

The coach was asked if he would simplify the game plan for Beathard or if he would throw as much at him to see if he can handle it.

"Your whole game plan is based off what gives this guy the best chance to be successful and the ten guys around him," Shanahan said. However, he also stated that sometimes if you throw too much at a young quarterback, it can slow him down and make him think too much, but you also want to put enough in for the players on offense to be successful.

"I think C.J. can handle a lot and we'll work on that together as this goes," Shanahan added.

The 49ers will have a big decision during the upcoming offseason. Many have assumed the team will either sign an expensive free agent quarterback like Kirk Cousins or use a high draft pick on a rookie. Shanahan was asked what Beathard has to do to prove that the 49ers don't need to do either.

"Show that he has the ability to lead us to where we want to go," Shanahan answered. "And I think that's everyone in this league. Everyone's goal in this league is to have an opportunity to go all the way. I think first and foremost, people are going to always look at the quarterback first. He's the guy who touches the ball every play. Depending on that level, that helps you the most.

"There definitely isn't 32 of those in the world. So, by no means do you have to be one of those top five guys, but you have to show the ability that you can build things around a person who gives you the chance no matter what type of defense you go against, that he's got the ability to make those throws, he's got the ability to make some off schedule plays and he's the type of person who can handle all the stuff that goes with it."