Quarterback C.J. Beathard replaced Brian Hoyer on Sunday against the Washington Redskins and will remain the 49ers' starting quarterback going forward. Head coach Kyle Shanahan confirmed that following the 26-24 loss and did so again on Monday while speaking to the media.

Shanahan reiterated what he said on Sunday, saying Beathard had put together a couple of good weeks of practice and was showing improvement.

"I knew he'd been getting better," Shanahan said. "He was about ready and definitely, at the time, I thought he gave us the best chance to win and I think that going forward, also."

Shanahan has finally had a chance to review the film of Sunday's game and was asked what he took away from Beathard's first real playing time with the 49ers. The rookie quarterback was also in on one snap during a Week 4 loss to the Arizona Cardinals but did not pass the football.

"I was excited with how he played," Shanahan said. "It was pretty much the same stuff I said last night. My opinion didn't really change. By no means was he perfect. Missed a couple of things but that always happens. I thought he came in there, didn't hesitate, he competed. The moment was not too big for him and made a few plays in rhythm, made a few off-schedule plays, and that was a big reason we got back in that game."

Beathard finished Sunday's game completing 19 of 36 pass attempts for 245 yards, a touchdown, and an interception.

"He's got the ability," Shanahan continued. "He's got the toughness. Each game will be different. When you talk about where guys got to improve, you don't need to say, 'They need to learn how to throw it better. They need to get bigger, faster.' That's usually the stuff that you have by the time you get to this level. It's about playing in the game and reacting to defenses, reacting to coverages, reacting to adjustments. He's going to see a lot of things he hasn't seen before and that will change each week. It will probably change each quarter...

"I've seen a lot of guys come in and struggle early and learn from it and end up becoming pretty good. I've seen guys come in and play very well right way and things change and they don't adjust that well. You're never going to get a quick answer. You see over time but he's got the ability to do it. I think he's got the mental toughness to do it and I think he will get better the more he plays."

Shanahan went on to say that Beathard has some similar abilities to Hoyer like the ability to make all the throws and do it from the pocket but feels the rookie is a bit more mobile.

"I wouldn't say he is the most mobile guy in the world but he has the mobility to scramble and the arm strength to make any of those throws, also."

Shanahan explained that he was trying to be patient with Beathard's progress and wait until he felt it was the right time to put him into a game. He felt that with the 49ers trailing 14-0 in the second quarter, the team needed a change at quarterback.

While Beathard spent most of his practice reps this season working with the scout team, he will get the majority of the practice reps this week as the 49ers prepare for an October 22 matchup against the Dallas Cowboys at Levi's Stadium.