The thoughts of the San Francisco 49ers organization and its players are with linebacker Donavin Newsom right now. The rookie, who was signed as an undrafted free agent following the draft, had a frightening collision with safety Chanceller James just minutes before Tuesday's training camp practice was scheduled to end.

The impact was so vicious that Newsom left the practice field via ambulance, which took him to nearby Stanford hospital. A distraught group of players, coaches, and personnel quietly left the field once the ambulance had departed.

"The encouraging part that I can say his eyes were open," said head coach Kyle Shanahan following practice. "He did have feeling in his lower half and with his hands, so that's the encouraging part about it. After that, he's on his way to the hospital. That's really all I know, and we're praying for the best."

Shanahan went on to say that it appeared to be a neck injury, but that the team did not yet have official confirmation on the specifics.

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Safety Eric Reid saw the collision from the sideline. Following practice, he took the time to speak to the media regarding the injury to Newsom.

"I was on the sideline," Reid said. "I just saw the ball in the air. [Chanceller] and Donavin both broke on it. They just ran into each other. Obviously, Donavin got the worst of it. If I had to hope and pray, I'm just praying that it's a concussion at the very least and nothing more serious than that."

Chanceller was emotionally shaken up following the collision. Reid and other players quickly approached him while much of the team kneeled in prayer for Newsom.

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"Me and a bunch of other guys ran after him because we saw that he was taking it tough, which you expect that," Reid said. "In football or in any other part of life, if you hurt somebody, we all have a conscience. You feel terrible about it. We told him just to keep his head up, make sure he checks on Donavin, keep praying about him but not blame himself because that stuff happens when you play this game.

"A while back, I injured NaVorro [Bowman] my rookie year. I remember that. I remember taking that hard so I know how he feels a little bit and I just told him, 'Just keep praying, wait to hear back, and see what kind of shape Donavin is in.'"

Reid went on to say that Newsom was trying his best to make the 49ers roster this season and is hopeful that he can return and continue to strive for that.

"He was coming along, making plays," Reid said. "He broke up that pass. It was just unfortunate what happened."