San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch joined Mike Florio on "Pro Football Talk Live." He was asked about the organized team activities that the 49ers are currently going through and who on the roster has really impressed the first-time general manager. The player who Lynch first praised was offensive tackle Trent Brown, who is entering his third year in the NFL and with the 49ers.

"I think Trent Brown, our right tackle, he's a mountain of a man," Lynch said. "I remember, last year, I was calling the Denver Broncos preseason and I was out at the joint practice between the Broncos and the 49ers. And I walked on the field and I'm usually not fazed because I've been around these players for a long time – playing and then in the broadcast booth – and I looked over and I said, 'Who is that? That's the biggest man I've ever seen on a football field.' And it was Trent Brown.

"Then I watched him go toe-to-toe with [Broncos edge defender] Von Miller on one-on-ones and held his own and Von said as much. He came back – he struggles to keep his weight down a little bit. He came back a little heavy but he's worked incredibly hard to bring that weight down. I just think he's got a lot of great football in front of him if he can control that weight and be consistent with it and be accountable to us and to his teammates. I just think the sky is the limit for how good he can be. He's a guy who's really jumped."

Lynch explained that they have not gotten a complete look at two players from their 2017 draft class. Defensive lineman Solomon Thomas cannot join his teammates until June 14th because of an NFL rule that prevents rookies from participating in practices before school finals are completed. Thomas was drafted out of Stanford, which is on the quarter system.

During the interview, Lynch discussed his thoughts on the NFL rule, which at times can be frustrating for coaching staffs that want to get their rookies acclimated to the NFL as soon as possible. Lynch acknowledged that you do not want to introduce the possibility of players dropping out of school so they can attend practices but says that there is probably a more sensible solution to the problem.

Another player who has been limited is rookie linebacker Reuben Foster, who is recovering from a shoulder surgery that was performed following Alabama's 2016 season. While Foster has participated in individual drills with the 49ers, he has been held out of anything that might result in contact with another player.

"We've got a leash on him, literally pulling him back because he tries to sneak on the field each day," Lynch said. "He's recovering from the shoulder injury so we haven't been able to see those guys (Thomas and Foster)."

Lynch went on to mention some other players from this year's crop of rookies.

"C.J. Beathard has looked really good," Lynch said. "Ahkello Witherspoon, our corner – he's getting better each and every day. George Kittle, the tight end, Trent Taylor – there's been a lot of guys that have really shined. But I think Trent Brown is right at the top of that list of guys that have stood out to me."