Kyle Brandt of "Good Morning Football" on NFL Network is excited about San Francisco 49ers rookie linebacker Reuben Foster. Really excited. He made a bold prediction about the linebacker, who some outside of the 49ers organization are wondering if he will even play this season due to his recovery from a shoulder injury. Brandt doesn't appear to have the same concerns.

Bold rookie predictions for Reuben Foster

"I think that my Reuben Foster is going to lead all rookies in forced fumbles," Brandt said on the set of the morning show. "No, no, no -- He's going to lead the NFL in forced fumbles. I'm trying to come up with a stat that can calibrate big hits. Haason Reddick may have tackles. I'm talking about separating a guy from the ball."

"The quarterbacks last year who led the league in fumbles: [Arizona's Carson] Palmer and [Philadelphia's Carson] Wentz," Brandt continued. He plays them a combined three times. All the running backs in the league in fumbles? Four times. He has the fumblers on his schedule and they have never been hit by this guy before.

"I am so fired up for Reuben Foster. I don't care what he went through all through the draft, he with the Niners now. He is with John Lynch now – the only guy in the building that hits as hard has he does. [Number] 56 gets me so fired up, I get vascular in my forearms."

Former NFL wide receiver Lance Moore chimed in after being asked what it means to face a linebacker like Foster. "It gives you something else to think about," Moore said. "You can't concentrate on coverage or is the call going to be on point or how am I going to catch this ball? You have to be 'head on a swivel' at all times when you're running those shallow crosses, those drag routes, and things like that. Any time you have a guy that you fear in there -- or you won't ever say that you fear -- but maybe in the back of your mind."

First look at Reuben Foster jersey

Moore was asked who that player was for him. "I would say [former 49ers linebacker] Patrick Willis was probably that guy. In those days, San Francisco was the defense. I feel like in New Orleans, we played them -- I'm like, 'We're playing these guys every single year and they have guys that will knock your head off.'

"If Reuben Foster can be one of those guys -- I think he can -- I'm a huge college football fan so I watched a lot of the Alabama games last year. The last couple of years. And there were times when he hit people and I'm like..."

Moore then made the face of someone watching something very painful.

"As a football player, for me to say that, I think that's pretty high praise, for sure," Moore concluded.

The 49ers are hoping Foster can be that kind of player and they are also hoping that he can contribute on the field this season.