Congratulations, D.J.

"Thank you. Thank you so much."

Can you tell us what kind of contact you had with the 49ers before the draft?

"I think I had a couple calls trying to verify my number. I didn't have any major contact with them."

What's your understanding of how you'll fit in on their defensive line? What position?

"I can play either the three, the nose, in the 4-3 I'm real versatile. So, either position I'll be available."

You started every game last year at nose tackle. Is that where you're most comfortable?

"Yes, ma'am."

What qualities do you bring to that position?

"My lower center of gravity. My ability to jump off the football. Being able to use my power and finesse to get to the quarterback."

Did you think that you might be going higher in the draft or how do you feel about just going where you went?

"I'm just blessed to be drafted, to be on a team, especially an organization like the 49ers. I'm just stoked to tell you the truth."

When the 49ers make every draft pick, they kind of figure out what the guy does and how his skills can be utilized. How do you think your skills along the defensive line can be utilized by an NFL team?

"Just me being able to play in the interior, three technique, nose. I'm very coachable. I take coaching from anyone that wants to teach me."

What does it say as far as the level of competition you guys played in your conference? Do you feel like that really makes you more NFL ready?

"Oh, yes, sir. Having the opportunity to play a lot of guys that went high in this draft week in and week out, going against those guys and competing at a high level, yes sir, I do think it gets me ready for the NFL."

* Transcript provided by the San Francisco 49ers