Just, what your impressions of getting drafted by the 49ers and what kind of contact had you had with them up to this point?

"It was an insane moment getting the call. No doubt. My heart dropped. It was a cool moment. The pre-draft process, I didn't talk to the 49ers too much. I just talked to them I think at the combine, maybe at the Senior Bowl, but no private workout or anything like that. So, I guess they knew what they liked in me and they didn't need to do any of that. So, I'm happy to be a 49er, 100-percent. I'm ready to go to work."

What receivers in the NFL would you compare yourself to?

"I always get the comparisons of all the slot guys like [former NFL WR Wes] Welker, [Cowboys WR Cole] Beasley, [New England Patriot WR Julian] Edelman. I mean, that's what I've heard my whole life, but I'd like to go into the NFL and just be my own guy, be who Trent Taylor is, which I mean, I can learn a lot from those guys before me and I can learn a lot from any receiver. I like to watch all types of receivers when it comes to either [Atlanta Falcons WR] Julio Jones, or the big guys. There's always something you can learn from anybody. I don't think there's anybody specific I compare myself to. I just try to watch them all and learn from everybody."

How much do you know about 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan's offense and how you might be able to fit in there?

"I know they like to sling it around a little bit. I'm definitely excited to be a part of that offense. It's something I've always heard about and something I believe in. I'm definitely excited to get down there and get to work and show them that I can fit and that I can be a playmaker from the start."

How much experience do you have on special teams as a return man?

"A lot of experience. I've been a punt returner all four years at Louisiana Tech. So, just being able to track the ball, good ball skills, that's something that I've always had since I was a young kid. That's something that just kind of comes natural to me. I'm looking forward to contributing in any type of way I can on special teams as well as offense for the team."

I believe Cincinnati Bengals QB Jeff Driskel was your quarterback a year ago. The Niners drafted him. Did he relay anything about his time with the 49ers or have you talked to him by chance today yet?

"No, I haven't talked to him at all today, but I've talked to him throughout this whole pre-draft process. He just told me about how the 49ers kind of wasn't a team that talked to him too much in the pre-draft process, but ended up drafting him and I guess it's the same story for me right now. I just had my little time of conversating with the 49ers and it seemed like they knew what they wanted in me so that's all it took."

When you catch 136 passes, I would imagine you become the focus of the other team's defenses. What did you see through the course of the season of teams trying to take you away?

"Teams tried to bracket me a bunch. Double coverage every now and then. There were definitely times where they would do that. But, we had another great receiver in [Denver Broncos WR] Carlos Henderson on the outside for our team, so they could just pick their poison with both of us. Carlos Henderson just got drafted with the Broncos and that's my guy. I love him to death. So, if they wanted to plan against me, then he was going to have a great game. If they planned against him, then I was going to have a great game. Pick your poison. That's just kind of what we said all year."

Those numbers indicate that must have been a pretty fun year. Did you imagine that you'd be able to put up those type of numbers?

"The year before, my junior year, I had 99 catches with, I don't know, a little over 1,000 yards. I'm a guy that never gets complacent with what I do the year before. Each year, I know you start from ground zero and I just like to, I take pride on getting better each year. Each year, looking back at your mistakes and turning your mistakes into your strengths. That's something I always try to focus on and I was able to improve on my stats each year in college. They got better and better and I know I've got to start from ground zero once again once I get to the NFL and we'll just get it rolling from there."

When you talk about improving, what are things that you need to improve on coming into the NFL?

"I think just, there's a bunch of stuff you can improve upon. Route running, just getting in and out of breaks faster. Getting off the line better against DBs. I know in the NFL, they're bigger, longer guys with longer arms. That's definitely something that I'm going to be focused on, just little things like that. Just all the details when it comes to being a receiver I know you've just got to harp on it that much more whenever you get to the NFL with the best of the best."

* Transcript provided by the San Francisco 49ers

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