Our friends over at Uni-Watch.com noticed some small changes to the jerseys of the San Francisco 49ers. Since the debut of the current uniform style for the 2009 season, one of the biggest complaints from fans has been the stripes on the sleeve.

The stripes on the uniform design from 2009 through 2016 have featured three truncated stripes (and sometimes just two) which disappear into the outer portion of the sleeve. The design was fine for on-the-field jerseys because players typically wear shorter sleeves that have elastic at the end of them. Where the design failed was in the jerseys offered to fans, due to the longer sleeves (without elastic) offered in those versions.

The jersey given to one of the newest members of the 49ers, Solomon Thomas, featured a slightly altered version of the stripes on the sleeve. It featured two full stripes that were not truncated. Although, as Uni-Watch.com points out, it is curious that it featured two stripes rather than three. After all, the Chicago Bears continue to have three full stripes on their uniforms without any issues.

Anyway, it's a small, subtle change that hopefully makes it into the uniforms offered to fans. As of right now, the Solomon Thomas jersey pictured on the 49ers' official online store still features the old design. However, the new design appears to be available on some online stores like Lids.com.