University of Massachusetts WR Jalen Williams worked out for the San Francisco 49ers after his pro day at McGuirk Stadium on March 23, according to NFL Draft Diamonds.

The 6-foot-3, 208-pound UMass wide receiver has caught 10 touchdown passes from his quarterback over two seasons, which included 20 games. He caught 47 passes for 827 yards during those games.

"I can play outside and inside, I will play anywhere they need me to honestly," Williams recently told the Philly Sports Network. "I know that sounds cliché, but I really will, I will play all special teams, I love special teams. If you want to be a college player, you need to do special teams, so I loved it.

I really love to go over the middle, I have no problem playing in traffic. I am a bigger guy and I work on my strength a lot in order to be prepared to take a hit and to really deliver one. I want to go over the middle and make the play, catch the ball on third and long, I want to be the guy that my coach, my quarterback, my whole team can count on, to make the play we need to continue a drive."

Williams was arrested in September of 2015 and charged with breaking and entering a car and larceny. The incident resulted in Williams being suspended. However, those charges were dropped the following June once he completed his probation period. Williams said he was innocent and was stopped because he fit the description of a suspect who local police were looking for.

NFL Draft Diamonds reports that Williams will attend the local pro day of the Atlanta Falcons and that the New York Giants have also shown interest in the receiver.