Don Steinberg of reports:

Temperatures across the country have looked like the numbers for FM radio stations lately. Imagine heading to NFL training camp in that heat. The Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers are bringing CoreControl, portable $3,000 units said to reduce core body temperature more effectively than ice.

Players place a hand inside the unit - which Mark Smith, an executive at developer Avacore Technologies, says resembles "a coffee pot with a hole in the side" - and loosely grasp a computer-controlled aluminum cone. A slight "negative pressure," or suction, is part of why it works. Water fed from a bottle into the cone chills to about 60 degrees Fahrenheit (a freezing temperature would constrict blood vessels and undermine the effectiveness.) In three to five minutes, the whole body feels


"It's like holding a cold soda can or beer can," Smith says.

Sounds cool, though the traditional cooler of Gatorade dumped on the head is cheaper.