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Official WORLD CUP 2022 Thread

what a strike. Against Ochoa at that. Ball changed directions twice .
Mexico just came out flat.
Originally posted by 49erFaithful6:
I've always been a Ronaldo guy. Messi is pint sized and wilts in big moments.

Mexico has to play Saudi on Wednesday and U.S.A. has to play Iran in the elimination game.

absolutely DISGUSTING behavior
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Spain v Germany was one of the better WC games so far. Hope both teams advance.
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This Serbia - Cameroon game is nuts.

Cameroon scored 1st - then Serbia scored two quick ones right before half and a 3rd early in the second half. Then Cameroon scored two quick ones around 65th minute.

20 minutes to go - game tied 3-3.
RIP Messi

Originally posted by blizzuntz:
+275 Brasil
+600 France
+650 Spain
+800 England
+15,000 USA and Mexico

Spain is fantastic value. I thinkl them and France have looked the best

These guys are so sloppy
Go Iran !!!
Originally posted by blizzuntz:
Go Iran !!!

Let's go, baby.

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