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March Madness 2024 ** Now with even more Madness!

St Pete bringing the Madness
Let's go Loyola
Originally posted by JustinMT:
Damn, really wanted San Francisco to win.

The Dons. What are Dons anyway? Just guys named Don? I'll google..

A Don is apparently a distinguished gentlemen. I think the SF Distinguished Gentlemen sounds better but not if you're into the whole brevity thing.
KD Johnson has hit a shot. He was 0-14 in their last game. It is bedlam for Auburn they are celebrating like no tomorrow he made a bucket.
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Michigan and NM State I had.

And Kentucky and Iowa LOL
Looks like SF's Todd Golden is moving on up. Being targeted by Florida Gators as next HC.
This is the Womens tourney but just reporting that South Carolina leads Hampton 38-2. Hampton must be planning some come from behind maneuver.

Edit: It's Howard not Hampton my bad...
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Big dude on Illinois team goes by the name of Cockburn.

Originally posted by Bluesbro:

I had to watch this 3 times, Wow! Is he from this planet?

Originally posted by Bluesbro:

Dude needs on the long jump team yesterday.
UNC jacking up #1 defending champs Baylor right now... looks like a #1 will fall
Jabari Smith dunk. Guy reminds me of KD. Possible #1 pick NBA draft type player.

Originally posted by 49erFaithful6:
UNC jacking up #1 defending champs Baylor right now... looks like a #1 will fall

Didn't know Larry Bird played for UNC!
So I guess these refs trying to get Baylor the win
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