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Thought I'd make an official thread for the New York Rangers, as there are some other Rangers fans on the WZ.

If I'm calculating correctly, the Rangers should have $6,929,367 in available cap room, after factoring in the $3.95M bonus cushion penalty, with 21 players signed according to

LW 10 Artemi Panarin $11,642,857 AAV(Signed through 2025-2026)
RD 8 Jacob Trouba $8,000,000 AAV (Signed through 2025-2026)
LW 20 Chris Kreider $6,500,000 AAV (Signed through 2026-2027)
C 93 Mika Zibanejad $5,350,000 AAV (Signed through 2021-2022)
RD 77 Anthony Deangelo $4,800,000 AAV (Signed through 2021-2022)
LD 42 Brendan Smith $4,350,000 AAV (Signed through 2020-2021)
RW 89 Pavel Buchnevich $3,250,000 AAV (Signed through 2020-2021)
G 40 Alexandar Georgiev $2,425,000 AAV (Signed through 2021-2022)
LD --- Jack Johnson $1,150,000 AAV (Signed through 2020-2021)
RW 24 Kaapo Kakko $925,000 AAV (Signed through 2021-2022)
LW 13 Alexis Lafreniere $925,000 AAV (Signed through 2022-2023)
G 31 Igor Shesterkin $925,000 AAV (Signed through 20202-2021)
LG 55 Ryan Lindgren $925,000 AAV (Signed through 2020-2021)
RD 23 Adam Fox $925,000 AAV (Signed through 2021-2022)
C 72 Filip Chytil $894,166 AAV (Signed through 2020-2021)
RW 12 Julien Gauthier $863,333 AAV (Signed through 2020-2021)
C 21 Brett Howden $863,333 AAV (Signed through 2020-2021)
RW --- Kevin Rooney $750,000 AAV (Signed through 2021-2022)
LD --- Anthony Bitetto $737,500 AAV (Signed through 2021-2022)
C --- Colin Blackwell $725,000 AAV (Signed through 2021-2022)
LW 33 Phillip Di Giuseppe $700,000 AAV (Signed through 2020-2021)

So that leaves just Ryan Strome and Brendan Lemieux as unsigned RFAs, with the aforementioned $6,929,367 in salary cap room after the bonus cushion penalty. I would think Lemieux would get between $1.5M-$2M AAV, which would leave between $5,429,367-$4,929,367 for Strome.

It's unlikely we'll see the likes of C Morgan Barron, RW Vitali Kravtsov, or K'Andre Miller on the opening night roster, as they all have performance bonuses, unless the Rangers can somehow unload Brendan Smith and his $4.35M cap hit.

What I'm most curious about is the Seattle Kraken expansion draft next season, we can protect either 7F, 3D, & 1G or 8F/D, and 1 G, I'd think it's obvious they'll protect the maximum of 11 players.

Panarin, Kreider, Zibanejad, Buch seem like locks at F, with 3 spots left between Chytil, Howen, Gauthier, Strome, Lemieux, and others like Gettinger.

Trouba, Deangelo, and Lindgren seem like the obvious 3 D, which would leave Hajek unprotected, but the Rangers could send a draft pick to Seattle in exchange for them not selecting Hajek or someone from the other F list.

Of course Georgiev will be the G protected.

Thankfully Kakko, Lafreniere, Fox, Barron, Krav, Rykov, Miller, Shesterkin, are among exempt.

Also, as for next offseason, we have Buch, Chytil, Howden, Gauthier, Lindgren, and Shsterkin as RFAs, with apparently $33,750,199 in cap room according to, but they say we have $6.35M in bonuses, so that would mean $237,500 less in cap room, since they'd be over the limit of $6,112,500 on a $81.5M cap. Then we have Di Giuseppe, Smith, Johnson as UFAs, doubt Smith and/or Johnson come back, by then hopefully someone like Ryvok, Miller, or Hajek will have proven those guys expendable.

After next offseason they have to pay Mika, who is a UFA, while Kakko, Deangelo and Fox will be RFAs.

Current Non Roster Players:

C --- Morgan Barron $925,000 AAV (Signed through 2022-2023)
C --- Justin Richards $925,000 AAV (Signed through 2021-2022)
RW 74 Vitali Kravtsov $925,000 AAV (Signed through 2021-2022)
C --- Patrick Khodorenko $925,000 AAV (Signed through 2022-2023)
LD 57 Yegor Rykov $925,000 AAV (Signed through 2020-2021)
LD 79 K'Andre Miller $925,000 AAV (Signed through 2022-2023)
G 32 Adam Huska $925,000 AAV (Signed through 2020-2021)
G --- Tyler Wall $925,000 AAV (Signed through 2021-2022)
RW --- Austin Rueschhoff $842,500 AAV (Signed through 2021-2022)
LD 25 Libor Hajek $833,333 AAV (Signed through 2020-2021)
G --- Keith Kinkaid $825,000 AAV (Signed through 2021-2022)
LD 97 Matthew Robertson $811,667 AAV (Sigjned through 2022-2023)
D 51 Tarmo Reunanen $809,167 AAV (Signed through 2022-2023)
RW 63 Jacob Elmer $809,166 AAV (Signed through 2021-2022)
C 34 Patrick Newell $792,500 AAV (Signed through 2020-2021)
RW --- Anthony Greco $737,500 AAV (Signed through 2021-2022)
LW 26 Tim Gettinger $730,000 AAV (Signed through 2020-2021)
C --- Jonny Brodzinski $700,000 AAV (Signed through 2020-2021)
C 37 Gabriel Fontaine $700,000 AAV (Signed through 2020-2021)
D 46 Brandon Crawley $700,000 AAV (Signed through 2020-2021)
RD 44 Darren Raddysh $700,000 AAV (Signed through 2020-2021)

Unsigned Draft Picks:

LW Leevi Aaltonen
LW Brett Berard
RW Eric Ciccolini
LW Will Cuylle
C Adam Edstrom
G Dylan Garand
C Karl Henriksson
RW Riley Hughes
LD Zachary Jones
LD Simon Kjellberg
G Olof Lindbom
RD Nils Lundkvist
G Hugo Ollas
RW Lauri Pajuniemi
LD Jacob Ragnarsson
C Matthew Rempe
RD Braden Schneider
LD Calle Sjalin
RD Hunter Skinner
C Oliver Tarnstrom
C Evan Vierling
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AB, you from Jersey, right?
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AB, you from Jersey, right?

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