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Joe Morgan Passes Away at 77

Jon Miller must be heartbroken today. Joe Morgan is gone.

I have vague memories of him playing as a kid. I was just a child when Morgan was tearing it up for the Reds. However, a father in law who entered my life in 1977 was a huge fan of the Big Red Machine and instilled in me how good that team really was.

Of course, I still believe that Miller and Morgan were the best ESPN Baseball Crew that ever was and ever will be. I couldn't understand why ESPN replaced them some years back, but in reading about Morgan's health, now I do. It appears his health started to decline dramatically in 2010. By that point he needed a cane to get around, and climbing on stadium stairs probably wasn't very easy for him.
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Would've won the Super Bowl if he didn't get injured early in the 2011 season
RIP. Never saw him play but was a hell of an announcer. I remember him broadcasting Sunday Night Baseball. He brought the voice to those broadcast.
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Remember him knocking the Dodgers out of the playoffs with a home run when he played on the Giants.....RIP
Miller and Morgan were the best. What a sad day. RIP
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Happy Trails, Joe.
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