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Back to Back NBA Champion Golden State Warriors 2018-19

Originally posted by JustinMT:
They seriously had to invite Matt Barnes to tonight? lol

Should have invited JR Smith.
Originally posted by Bluefalcon61:
Wow that new PA sucks balls


He would have gotten a ring

But lacob said no

Worse than Jed
Iggy lol

Just save dude for the playoffs at this point
This lineup lol
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Inconsistent Klay is back already.
Great job by Looney on both ends!
Looney getting it done on both ends
Jones has definitely developed nicely over the summer
I'm starting to like what Jones brings.

Originally posted by DickWedgie:
I'm starting to like what Jones brings.

3 blocks for the young man
Why is curry giving up the ball?

KD time. Finish em
What an awful game by Klay tonight. Wow
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Thompson, my God man.
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