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New Era Spurs 2018-2019!!!!!!!!

Originally posted by Joecool:
Originally posted by RishikeshA:
The Spurs may be better than most people expect.


yep and Rudy Gay is an elite player.
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So many haters.
Spurs will be lucky to make the playoffs. Just my opinion. They're on a steady decline until pop retires and then it's game over. Hey, it was a helluva run.
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Bad couple days for you guys. Sorry to see Walker and Murray go down.
Better than I far.
Originally posted by Debryune:
The only decent Spurs team plays in England.

The way I see it the Spurs have 3 go to guys in the starting lineup, DeRozan, LA and Gay. Coming off the bench they have Belinelli, Gasol, Cunningham, Pondexter and Forbes is getting better by the day. White and Walker will be back before the New Year. Pop has lots of options and this team is coming together early on.
Originally posted by Joecool:
To one of the greats!


Originally posted by Jiks:

Playoffs start yet?
Another year, another trip to the playoffs

Think of how much better we'll be next year with Dejounte back.
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