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New Football league (s)

Originally posted by Who-is-Hayne:
by all accounts AAF was well received by most parties.

I like it. I give it a watch. Kinda started to just see players I remember from the niners or from the draft process. Now it's just football
Smart move by aaf to have a clause in all contracts that releases players if picked up by nfl team.
Essentially set up as a try out league.

Reckon NFL franchises will start funding teams(in part or whole)??
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I don't like the locations. There is no need for an NFL location to get a team. They should have considered Portland or Albuquerque.
XFL actually has a nice T.V. Deal. I am not going to hold my breath though on it working.
Vince McMahon built a world wide enterprise with the WWF (or whatever it's called now) . I'm in India and the WWF is on air every day for hours at a time. You know how many NFL games were shown last season on India TV - ZERO. He's a savvy businessman and will not make the same mistakes twice. I would not bet against him.
Hey guys, I've got a question. I remember a football club was sponsored by a stock trading company, this one to be precise but I can't recall its name or find it on Google. Maybe you can help?
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