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New Football league (s)

Offsesson sucks... can't wait for this and in 2 years another league!
Grand Opening, Grand Closing.
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Grand Opening, Grand Closing.

Says you.. offsesson sucks

Oliver Luck (Andrew's Dad) to be the commissioner of the XFL.
Honestly, who named the it a division of AARP?

Alliance of American Football
American Football Alliance

Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Grand Opening, Grand Closing.

Now can I get an encore
Originally posted by Janitor:
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Grand Opening, Grand Closing.

Now can I get an encore

do you want more ...

BTW I hope the XFL succeeds, would love to see more football, with maybe a different format.
forgot about Arena football.
LFL > your second rate NFL

Is Atlantic City ready for some football? Here comes the AFL!
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I find it interesting that the two leagues have goals that are in stark contrast to one another.

AAF is run by a bunch of former NFL guys and have already let it be known they want to be a minor leagues of sort. Give young guys and gets a chance to show something and be grabbed by an NFL team before the season. They set the schedule up with this in mind, hired NFL coaches, will copy NFL rules ... Etc.

Then you have the XFL that wants to compete with the NFL. They want to be different, they want to fill a void, they want to steal viewers and fans.

I actually like the AAF's idea. I used to watch NFL Europe. I remember watching Kitna destroy that league. They just need to take it slow and not get too ambitious. There is a market for a minor league. Too many quality players who just don't get a chance to prove themselves.
Originally posted by TonyStarks:
LFL > your second rate NFL

Just curious if anyone knows. How does the Lingerie football league stay in business? You dn't see commercials, or televised games, anytime you see a vid there is like 50 dudes in the crowd.
lol its cute how these new football leagues try to wrestle market share away from the NFL.
by all accounts AAF was well received by most parties.
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