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Balanced information on sport news in Europe and US

I follow a lot European soccer and there is something that really struck me: how sport information is biased according to what the reader wants to reader. Let's say that in Champion's League we have an Italian team that plays against a French one, the Italian newspaper will never say that a penalty for the French one was correct (unless it was really obvious). There are many example like this
In Us sport information I think that it's better, maybe American sport are in general less focused on referees but I find that information much more balanced. Is it just my opinion from outside or do you agree with me?
Just to give some background to what I'm saying, this is a British description of mistakes in Roma-Liverpool:, honestly that's quite ridicoulous, because certain mistakes were obvious and I don't understand the point in hiding them...
We have some exceptions, as or (paradoxically sometimes "oriented" information is better than "neutral" one), but in general the situation is really not very positive I think
American sports media can be pretty biased too but European sports media is whack.

American sports media sometimes adores/hates the players more than the teams. For example - if in a critical game...Messi or Ronaldo dont score and their team loses...American media will bash them without understanding what the defense was doing to stop him. If they don't score and their team wins - they'll praise them...unless some media personalities don't like them...then they'll bash them regardless even if they score a hat trick.

American sports media is now all about "hot takes" - that's how they get the attention of the viewer.
ESPN and the SEC

Nuff said
Well at least you guys dont have Grant Cohn to deal with.
Originally posted by VaBeachNiner:
Well at least you guys dont have Grant Cohn to deal with.

European soccer coverage is more like tabloid stuff. It's really poor. In this case - American sports media is a lot better. It's not even close imho.
Originally posted by VaBeachNiner:
Well at least you guys dont have Grant Cohn to deal with.

I feel comfortable saying that Grant Cohn is the worst "sports writer" in America.
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It's because you are comparing international play to domestic. NFL, NBA ... Etc are all domestic leagues and we have national media that covers it pretty fairly. If you look at the cities media it will be biased. This is the same as the European media you are talking about.

National media = Global soccer media or media from a country not playing

Local city media = local country media

You are comparing two media entities that don't correlate.
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