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🏈 XFL Football Thread 🏈

The XFL should

-eliminate replay
-make catches simpler
-faster play clock
-eliminate the kickoff
-every extra point is a 2 point conversion
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i wonder what they're going to do to prevent head injuries
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Originally posted by luv49rs:
i wonder what they're going to do to prevent head injuries

Nothing. He said they will hire qualified pros to make the game as safe as possible. You can't prevent them.

The only way to prevent a car crash is, don't drive.
I want to see on field heel turns. Like the Las Vegas Gamblers RB breaks away and has a wide open field to score a TD but suddey his WR bodyslams him and rips off his jersey only to put on one from the other team.

When a QB goes down, his replacement suddenly emerges from the crowd and runs straight out on to the field.
Gonna fail again
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Originally posted by luv49rs:
will they sign johnny manziel?


Wont watch. lol

Its gonna be scrub ass players for at least the first few years, Unless the salaries rival the NFL for players you wont see any in their prime players playing in it.
If I want to watch scrub ass players id watch college football but i aint watching college football
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I'm down
Basically a league for Trump voters

why not
Originally posted by Jcool:

That English.

I'm a foreign and that still annoys me.

"If you have even a DUI" makes them sound really strict."

"Even if you have a DUI" sounds like you're a lightweight unless you've committed a felony.
Originally posted by susweel:
Basically a league for Trump voters

kinda strange emphasizing that players will be forced to stand lol let it go not everyone loves America like that
Originally posted by SoCold:
I think this...

Flint Tropics better be a team.

Sorry, can't water the grass with the water in Flint.
He hate me.
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