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New Japan basketball league's insane court

This is crazy. Full LED screen they basically play on
Totally awesome, it's probably in the planning stage at NBA arenas.
whoa.. warriors SF arena needs this
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Pretty sweet looking, but I wonder how it feels to the athletes? How does the ball bounce, how does it feel when you fall, does it have the springyness of a wood court?
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I think this is stupid. But I also think most of the "fluff" at NBA games are stupid. I am annoyed by the music, blaring noise, sound effects, and other nonsense they use to entertain people who are there for the spectable but don't care about the actual game they are watching. This will probably be abused with constant LED advertisements or flashing lights every time a team scores.

I hate all of it. I just want to watch the game, that's it.
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Wow. I'm unsure I could concentrate with all those lights and animation.
A few courts in the NBA already have similar effects. They just use them for pregame and halftime stuff. I don't think the NBA would move toward this. The "hardwood" is a classic look that IMO they won't move away with during game play.
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Seizures everywhere.
They have s**t basketball so they have to find other ways to entertain you
Originally posted by titan:
Seizures everywhere.

This ...

Why not just use the projectors
Originally posted by titan:
Seizures everywhere.

This, from the players, to the crowd, to the millions..... and millions watching at home. It looks cool though, I bet FIFA will figure out how to do this in soccer, so they can toss even more advertisements into peoples faces.
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