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2017 NBA all star game tickets ?

Hello everyone,

I have a a gift for his 40th birthday, the girlfriend of a friend of mine would like to buy two tickets for the NBA all star game of the 19th of februray in NO.

Can you suggest the best way to buy tickets for this event ? (and safer)
In the site below for two tickets of 900+$ they charge you 400$ of service fee.....for a total of 2365 $.
Do you think this site is an official one or it is a scam ?

I live in Europe and I am not very used as to how or where to buy tickets for this sports events.

Thanks very much
Best Regards
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Never purchased any all star tickets but I laughed extremely loud when u said $400 service fee.

I'd wait until the tickets were officially released to the public and try a site like stub hub. You might be able to contact the Hornets ticket office for more details.
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Just wait and if you're willing to dish out that. Just check stubhub. Believe that's pretty darn reliable.
Dont use Stubhub. Use Seatgeek.
Thank you guys !
Yeah...when I saw that 400$ service fee i tought that it was a scam...
I will ask the Hornets ticket office about the tickets.

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