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2015 NBA Off-Season Thread

Originally posted by jrg:
Apparently Dwight Howard brought a loaded gun to the airport

SMH didnt hear about having a fall guy on payroll.
Playoffs seeding finally fixed....will be based solely on W-L record not winning division for homefield and seed match ups
Originally posted by jrg:

The 90'S team could actually work as a "team". 00'S team wouldn't work out because A.I and Kobe together would be silly.
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That 90's 00's game would be epic. The 90's team would have a true pg.....probably would have to put Malone on Shaq and the Dream on Duncan. Jordan and Kobe would be a game within the game. Charles and Lebron would be crazy too, I think Charles would win the rbs but Lebron would be much better on the offensive side.

So what era of officiating would they play in? Handchecking or not? I can see Lebrons sad face after getting cracked a few times from Charles
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I like it 👍
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lol Bird s**t on Lebron
RIP Moses Malone

at age 60
Originally posted by blizzuntz:
RIP Moses Malone

at age 60


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damn rip.
Originally posted by lazy:
damn rip.

My warrior offseason

Should have about 20 million to spend..

Don't resign


Sign and trade

Harrison Barnes 4 year 64 million for The raptors Bismack Byombo 4 years 52 million and the 27th pick overall..( my thought is Derozon is gone for the lakers and Barnes slides in)


Barbosa 1 yr 2 million
Rush 1 yr 1 million

Free agents signed

Jared Dudley 1 yr 3 million

2016 NBA draft

Pick 27-PF out of UNC Brice Johnson athletic jumps out of the gym great defender rebounder has some scoring abilities but most buckets come from his athleticism..

Pick 30-SF out of Baylor Taureon Prince..6'7 220.. Great 3 pt shot..good handle to drive and finish around the rim..good defender..everything offensively HB is not..

2016-17 roster


All of my roster moves are to get stronger more athletic defensively in signing Bismack Byombo and Drafting Brice Johnson and better scoring and shooting in signing Jared Dudley and drafting Taureon Prince..this team is better then the many lineups that look good..still be young in curry,klay,green,Byombo,prince,Johnson,and Looney..just in a year need a younger back guards with barbosa and Livingston gone..signing oladipo would be great..I sured up the center position with signing Byombo and taking Brice Johnson who are smaller but make up for it with athleticism plus 7 ft centers can't keep up with today's speed of the resign Iguadola for cheaper tho..I think prince is going to start after 1 year off the bench..
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