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Your 2014-2015 WORLD CHAMPION Golden State Warriors.

Warriors championship jersey for opening night

Bogut looking lean and mean, has supposedly dropped 20-30 lbs in the off season

Just hope he can stay healthy.

Maybe weight had something to do with it
Bogut looking as slim as he has since college. Good idea to drop some pounds as he gets older, less stress on his joints
Its impossible not to root for Curry.
Originally posted by JustinMT:
Its impossible not to root for Curry.

Love that dude.
James Harden: "I thought I was last year, too. I know I was the MVP. That's 100 percent given all the things that happened last season."

Um, no, no you weren't. And even if it were true, just STFU and take it like a man, quit being a whiny b**ch about it. FFS, first you had your team actively campaign for you while Kerr took the "let Curry's play speak for itself" approach. And then during playoffs you had to say losing out on MVP "hurt"...and now this. Vagisil, aisle 5.

Starting to really hate this bed-wetting, it's all about me prima donna.
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Barkley can say some incredibly stupid things but the one thing he's right about is the Rockets, they worried too much about individual awards and analytics hence why they're never taken serious as championship contenders.
Time to put this thread to bed. Its a new year.

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