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2013-14 General NBA Discussion Thread

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The National Basketball Association is moving its logo patch to the back of team jerseys next season, citing stylistic reasons, the league said.

The logo, which depicts a player dribbling with his left hand, had been on the front of both uniform jerseys and shorts.

The switch comes as league owners ponder whether to put advertisements on uniforms for the first time. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver this year said uniform ads, which are common elsewhere in the world, are inevitable. Last year, he said it would probably happen within five years.

The league first considered uniform ads in 2012, when owners during their annual meeting were shown mockups on jersey-clad mannequins. Included in the presentation was an examination of how other sports leagues profited from the revenue stream.

The NBA’s teams collectively may reap about $100 million annually in revenue from jersey ads, the league has said.

The players should request some of that money since they are essentially modeling the jerseys with the ads.

The next CBA will be interesting if this happens.

Right? They definitely should get some of it. Does the players in the WNBA get anything form the ads on their jerseys?
Carmelo Anthony has decided to opt out of the final year of his contract with the New York Knicks and become an unrestricted free agent, according to multiple sources.

Anthony has until Monday to officially inform the team of his plans.

Anthony can sign a maximum contract worth $129 million over five years with the Knicks. He can ink a maximum deal worth $96 million over four years with another team
Chi town
Duncan exercises 10.3 million dollar option

Spurs will probably be favs again
And he may restructure his contract to help the team out even more. It's impossible to hate Duncan as a player and as a person.
Andrei Kirilenko opts in with Brooklyn for next season at $3.3M, per source. Second year of two-year deal worth $6.5M.
Jazz looking to trade Favors, a pick, and Burks to the Cavs for the #1 pick and Jack.

for some reason i thought Favors would've been an untouchable piece for utah. i've been wanting the warriors to try and trade for Favors

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ain't gonna happen.

although a Rubio/Thompson duo would be entertaining

LeBron finna go to PHX and join up with his boy Bledsoe. Can't wait for us to lose another Finals when LeBron goes AWOL on the bench!
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LeBron finna go to PHX and join up with his boy Bledsoe. Can't wait for us to lose another Finals when LeBron goes AWOL on the bench!

Gerald Green wouldn't allow that to happen.
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Steph Curry
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Dwight Howard
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