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The Soccer Thread 13/14

USA screwed lulz
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United States placed in Group G with Germany and Ghana in World Cup Draw - via broadcast
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US: 3rd straight World Cup meeting Ghana - Both previous meetings were US losses
Man USA with a tough group with Ghana, Germany, and Portugal

Mexico, Croatia, Brazil and Cameroon not sure how this one will go
USA in the Group of Death for sure. That will be a tall task to advance to the Round of 16.

We were so close to having Portugal and Argentina in the same group
Jesus Christ the US is f**ked.
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I really like group B too, I have Spain coming out of it of course but it will be fun to see who joins them: Netherlands or Chile? Chile is REALLY good.
Argentina with a easy draw. Would have liked to see Portugal vs Argentina.
Originally posted by NinerAce:
Argentina with a easy draw. Would have liked to see Portugal vs Argentina.

agreed on both.

FIFA hates US soccer lol.
IMO, the most interesting quarterfinal possible matches:
- Argentina vs Portugal
- Spain vs Italy

- Germany vs France
- Brazil vs Colombia

Other teams that could get into the quarters:
- Chile
- Netherlands
- Uruguay
- Belgium
- Ghana
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US is screwed.

only soccer player i like is Messi so ill root for him.
Just remember back to 2002 fellas! Where we advanced to the quarters by beating #1 Portugal and tying host SKorea. It is possible!!!!!!

Although, man its gonna be tough...
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