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San Antonio Spurs 2012/2013 season thread.

Lock and delete. Memories and feels are too painful. Fresh start please.
Looks like the Kobe era is done. Duncan era will outlast Kobe era.
I hate the trailblazers!
Did the Warriors lose yet? National TV or no?
Yup, warriors stil suck.
They didn't have Curry but he always has s**t going on with his ankles. Spurs played sloppy but got the W and I'll take it.
7-1 ho hum
9-1 still getting it done.
Good game going on right now. 48-48 Half time. We should pull it out versus these guys though.

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At least all spurs fans have a Christmas game worth watching. Hope they destroy the rockets tonight
Current thread bros
Love my team, but we're not nearly as good as the record indicates.

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