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2012-13 Golden State Warriors Thread.

"I'm surprised these balls are soft enough to do that"
Just woke up on my couch to seek the W's are rolling
This is entertaining.
12 minutes of smart basketball. Thats all I ask
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About to have 5 players with double digits early in the 4th qtr.

SCURRY bout to get sick with it.

brewer got his 5th foul, faried bout to foul out with him, lol
I think if the Dubs wear the gold t-shirt unis they win the chip
Jesus Christ another 3-ball and this is a mauling
Originally posted by IWASATTHECATCH:
This better be a tale of two halves, because 4 quarters of this sh!t is gonna send us right back to Colorado.

Oh, thank God!!!!!!
An avalanche has fallen on the denver.

How much fun is this right now.
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Originally posted by marshniners24:
Just woke up on my couch to seek the W's are rolling

Curry is a boss
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f*** this, GAME OVER!!
Jack doing his best to get the Nuggets back in this.
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