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2013 San Francisco Giants Thread

The PED's allowed him to catch it
Screw Braun...he's basically Richard Sherman
Nice AB by the kid, thought that was over Roidy McRoiderton's head.
at least belt didnt hit into a DP
That's the 2nd damn time Blanco's hit it hard right at Aoki... 3rd time he's hit it hard in total as well.
Just chip away
We shoulda got at least one more...but still think we can come back.
Noonan does it again.
Wow Brewers BP is terrible.
Gaudin has been quite a catch.

Come on Pablo!
Here comes the Panda to do some damage!
DP right here!
Originally posted by DatNyjerSireez:
DP right here!

even if we lose we're killing their already sorry bullpen
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