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2013 San Francisco Giants Thread

  • teeohh
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KOBE coming through with a clutch rbi! why don't we see this guy more often lol
  • MuggD
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Our bats are starting to warm up. Posey and Belt both with good AB's.
Kevin Durant is here?
My boy is heating up.
dude, crawford is showing power

teh lord
Crawford slugging 481?

picked him up in all my fantasy leagues
I love the way Zito helps himself out with his ability to bunt. Probably the best bunter on the team.
f**k the DH. Zito's at bats are classic.
Crawford is looking good right now. A little action in the bottom of the lineup is nice to see finally!

posey displaying power.....

too bad it went over the fence. That wouldve scored pagan and Buster wouldve been in 3rd base
Posey gonna hit for that cycle
glad to see Buster isn't f**king around today
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