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Tiger Woods Thread

Tiger is just one PGA tour win away from tying the legendary Sam Snead (82 wins).

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The man ain't done, yet.
Originally posted by fropwns:
The man ain't done, yet.

Hooker and coke party probably this week.
Originally posted by bayarealuv:
This dude really let himself go didn't he

yeah man

who bounces back from this low point in their life and accomplishes something like this? pretty crazy. good for him
great masters. Not just because Tiger won, but because it was close with a bunch of great golfers at the top of the leader board. Was cool to see Tiger win a major. I will admit, I doubted it would ever happen again
At least Skip admitted he was wrong about Tiger

Originally posted by VaBeachNiner:
At least Skip admitted he was wrong about Tiger

The start of Around the Horn was pretty funny. He started out just blasting all the writers/reporters for all the crap they said about him the past few years.

Lmao, he gave them negative points right from the start...

Gotta love Phil

Nice to see Tiger win. Hope he continues to play well
Different angle of the famous 2005 Masters 16th hole chip shot.

Winning the Masters ranks as one of the most inspirational sports stories of all time.
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