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Chicago Bulls 2011-2012 Thread

Great win guys! f**k the Lakers!

Merry Christmas
damn we start our season on a cali tour

ball so hard

Originally posted by Negrodamus:

that was bad ass
we certainly don't want to play as a unit
Jesus Christ C.J. Watson
Meh. Can't win 'em all. Plus, they seemed to hit everything.
turnovers turnovers turnovers
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Originally posted by hklar17:
turnovers turnovers turnovers

This. We will get to rolling as it moves into the season.
stacey king "who's da man in the mask...oh yeah rip hamilton"
rose had way too many turnovers
Good game. Everytime we got close you guys pulled away. Your defense is legit and rose is a beast..however he did have some TOs but I think evans played solid D on him.
Good win last night, coulda done without letting the Kings creep back into the game all night. You can tell the team is still trying to figure out how to play with each other. It's pretty crazy though since the only new addition to the team is Rip. But I guess it is kinda different when you have 4 guys that can legitimately score in the starting lineup. As the season goes on, this team will only get better. The depth on this team is crazy ridiculous and can only help. If only Boozer can become the post threat he was signed to be
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