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*** San Jose Sharks 2014 Off-Season Thread ***

WOW, Quick saved the day on that one
f**king Quick
PP, make it count.
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Power Play
Stupid penalty by Demers. STUPID
Garbage Power Play
Originally posted by blunt_probe:
Garbage Power Play

Sloppy and lacking desperation and energy. Kings were all over the puck and the Sharks were not equal to the task.
great PK
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Originally posted by Garcia:
All it takes is one.

Niemi has been great

He sure has been/is playing great... hope he gets the shutout
Wow, how did that not go in!!???

Wow that save faked the hell outta everybody
That goal is all on Irwin. Horrible.

Sharks can't get out of their own end.
Not sure what more you can ask from Niemi.
LOL, Irwin literally did nothing right on that shift.
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