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SF Giants and/or Cal Bear Fans

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it sucks..f**king up the field

sacrilege as well as we should give our glory field some rest :)

Seriously, when they first built the thing they said football would never be played on it. I hope those a*****es are paying some of our mortgage because it's annoying as hell.

THIS! and also they have been doing other crazy s**t there...XXX and f**king Motocross and s**t...f**king bulls**t
if it gets the stadium paid off faster, go ahead. the more AT&T Park hosts, the more it makes, and the closer it is to being paid off, which means the sooner the Giants are to being able to up their payroll.
cmon.. do you really think it would mess up the field though?

i wouldn't mind it personally.. gives me a reason to watch a cal game
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