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that was interference
Tech is playin' dirty! Somebody needs to lock them in a shed for a little while. Teach 'em some manners.
wtf we could have just handed that cb the ball.
grounding fa sho
I guess they saved those timeouts because they can't trust Gilbert to run the offense without any timeouts
f**k me. get it together mac brown.

I was star struck when I ran into Rick Barns at Schlotzsky's, but if I saw Mac Brown right now I would slap him.
Curtis, you slow b*****d.
Originally posted by pantstickle:
Curtis, you slow b*****d.

haha I was think that it looks like Gore getting caught from behind. He could of at least of taken an angle to the end zone

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The stats say the defense dominated but it sure didn't feel like it. The Oline sucks plain and simple and will get exposed against real competition. This is definately a transition year.
holy s**t, WTF is wrong with you guys? Losing to UCLA at about the half?!?!?

I warned you that UCLA's D has some playmakers and your Offense would struggle early, but 4 turnovers in a half?

And I even specifically mentioned watch out for Ayers (1 int, 1 FF) Did you listen? Nope. You thought a Sun Devil is just a drunken bafoon when it comes to football.
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This offense flat out sucks. The Oline is mediocre at best and the main culprit of said suckiness.
Urge to kill.....rising....
Damn. I remember when CAL was ranked #2 and got smoked by like... Arizona when they weren't good. It's a sickening feeling.
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