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I know next to jack s**t about hockey, but I'm sure with enough research, we could all make this a respectable draft.

That said, with all the other drafts happening right now, I would think the timing to do a hockey draft is still a ways down the road.

Yeah, I agree.

And as far as the # of players I suggest 2 lines plus a goalie (11 total, 6 forwards, 4 D, 1G).

I've also come to the conclusion we should only do a current player draft. I started to think of great players since 1990 and there were too many that I had never even seen play. Kinda pointless to a draft if people aren't even familiar with them, and I'm sure if I was unfamiliar, most others were too.

Im familiar with a lot of them... I'm Canadian

I guess, but I have no idea how say David Taylor compares to Ryan Kesler.

Edit:Or how about the Stastnys? Is Peter better then Paul? I meant Paul is a HOF with great stats and all, but back then the stats were so inflated. Goalies didn't even do the butterfly!

Dave Taylor was a good shut-down forward, but Kesler is a lot more physical... Gretz was my fav player so I watched a lot of Kings hockey back in late 80's, early 90's.

Yeah, plus goalies were usually the smallest guy on the team and had pretty much road hockey pads, haha! In the baseball draft you kind of have the same issuse. You have a HOF guy who could have weaker looking stats than a roid-era guy who isnt considered in the elite. No idea how the sim in WIF sports would account for that or if it even does