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Soccer Current players draft-Tournament Group Stage

transfer window is now open.

You may trade players with other teams or drop players to then add free agents. No more than 2 free agent acquisitions per 24 hour period.
Originally posted by 1251alex:
ManU wins 1-0 over Liverpool.

here are the final standings of the qualifiers. In order from pts, (if tied) then goal difference, (if still tied) then goals scored.

Group A:
Benfica 11 pts
Juventus 8 pts
Galaxy 8 pts

Group B
A.C. Milan 9 pts
Man City 9 pts
Newcastle 7 pts

Group C
Manchester Utd 11 pts
Liverpool 8 pts

fixtures (2 legs except final):
Benfica(1) vs Newcastle(8)

Manchester United(2) vs Galaxy(7)

Milan(3) vs Liverpool(6)

Man City(4) vs Juventus (5)

WZ best of the rest cup:
Boca Jrs(1) vs Aston Villa (4)

Arsenal(2) vs Chivas(3)

Originally posted by vrabbit:
Originally posted by 1251alex:
final whistle blows.


Arsenal and Boca Jrs troll themselves and are mathematically eliminated from the tourney but qualify to the WZ best of the rest cup. With this result Liverpool and ManU are qualified so their match will just be to see who gets the top spot in the group. Newcastle secures a spot in the knock out rounds.

ManU-Liverpool to kick off.

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well its about damn time you brought this back!!!

I need to overhaul my team. When i drafted gareth bale he was still a defender. Then that champions league game with inter happened....

Let me review my squad and formation. I have too much damn attacking power to not be scoring so few goals.
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I just made this as my new team

Buuuuuuuuuuut I noticed that Arbeloa was already taken!!

So with that i release Joe Cole and Onyewu and add

Nuri Sahin from Real Madrid


Ignazio Abate from A.C. Milan

New squad will look at this:

4-3-3 with no defensive midfielder, just regular central midfielder

Capitan is RVP

Messi penalty kick
Messi short free kick
Danny long Free kick
RVP left corner
Danny right corner

I listen to offers for Hulk, Bale and Liedson.
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I effed up the original formation anyways lol

The way you look at the formation is just like you would as if its shown on tv alex. So coentrao, VDV and Messi on the left etc etc
lol at you trying to take Arbeloa from my squad.

annnd I believe you'll be getting the Sahin from Borussia Dortmund. cause the sims run on FIFA 11.
Sweet! VIVA MILAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am I still running a 4-4-2? Also, is this knockout round a home-and-home or one game?
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Originally posted by 1251alex:
lol at you trying to take Arbeloa from my squad.

annnd I believe you'll be getting the Sahin from Borussia Dortmund. cause the sims run on FIFA 11.

He was the Bundesliga player of the year in 2011
That's right! I don't even remember my team haha

glad you brought this back
bump....Bump BUmp BUMp BUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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