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Soccer Current players draft-Tournament Group Stage

23rd minute-David Villa scores on a beautiful through ball by Schweinstegger leaving him head on in front of goal.

Liverpool 1-0 Arsenal.
26th minute-Nasri sends in a long cross that Robinho taps with his head, it lands at the feet of Suarez who was alone in front of goal.

Liverpool 1-1 Arsenal.
Wow. Both fabs and robinho f**k up in front of goal on the same play.

that coulda been it for Arsenal.
Schweinstegger had time, but got ahead of himself. Shot it wide.


85th minute-Gerrard crosses into the box to find Schweinstegger who hits it with his head to make it 2-1 Liverpool.
Schweinstegger almost made it 3-1 with a header that Valdes held on to.
Liverpool wins 2-1.
Ea sports servers are f**ked up right now so I wont be uploading videos for this one.

Man U vs Boca about to kick off.
4th minute-Cambiasso gives Ballack a ball on the right side of the box, Ballack then gives the ball to Pizarro who does a 180 and slots the ball into the back of the net.

Again, the EA servers aren't letting me upload the replay.
ManU is pressing hard for the equalizer but the Boca defense is standing firm.

31st minute-Arango passes the ball to Di Natale who sees Pizarro coming in with the defenders trailing him, he passes the ball to Pizarro who sees the ManU goaling coming off his line, from outside the box Pizarro cooly flicks the ball into the back of the net.

Beautiful, beautiful goal.

and again, f**k the EA servers.

44th minute- Pizarro passes the ball to Ballack who was on a run to the right wing, who then returns the ball to Pizarro who was just outside the box, he sees Kaka coming in on goal and passes it to him, Kaka stops it for about a second in front of goal, no defenders around him and shoots low and to the left.

ManU 0-3 Boca Jrs

Great Performance by Pizarro.
64th minute-off of a play started from a throw in, Simao sends a cross into the box which Kaka meets with his head to beat the keeper.

Manchester United 0-4 Boca Jrs.
Aquilani sends a cross in which meets the feet of Camoranesi who was in front of goal. He first times it. ManU get one back.

Manchester United 1-4 Boca Jrs
Boca wins 4-1.
Originally posted by 1251alex:
Boca wins 4-1.

my team finally wakes up!

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