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Who is more clutch?

Who is more clutch?

My friends and I always have this debate. This came to mind after watching Kobe dominate in crunch time again versus Memphis. I used to think Jordan was the most clutch player I have ever seen, but Kobe has won me over. He is simply ice cold and amazing in the clutch... doesn't matter if he has been shooting horribly all night, during crunch time he is money... I know Jerry West is Mr. Clutch, but he is too old school for me.

What do you guys think? Please be unbiased... I know there are a lot of people who either jock or despise Kobe. It's a toss up cause they are both amazing, but who would you rather have take that last shot?
Kobe doesn't push a guy out of the way to take a jump shot so I'll go with him.
kobe is a raper
Jerry West cause he's "Mr Clutch"
Originally posted by NinerFanMT:
Kobe doesn't push a guy out of the way to take a jump shot so I'll go with him.

haha, that ref would of been f'd if he called that.
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Jordan is more popular.
Originally posted by valrod33:
kobe is a raper

so are u
kobe in the clutch is unbeatable
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Definitely Lebron

end thread

Ray Allen!
I've seen this comparison somewhere before...
Flip a coin .
Originally posted by crzy:
Definitely Lebron

Why is Kobe even in this poll? He overcame Jordan in your mind because of a regular season game against Memphis? Lol. People only think Kobe is clutch because they don't remember all the times
he misses.
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