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2010 NBA All Star Weekend Thread (2010 All Star Game starters released))

lol d-how in the corner laughin at these cats
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finally something nice
wakin' em up.. and1 type sh*t
The first legit dunk all night.
in the next one derozan should ride out in a horse, at half court get on both feet on top of the horse, jump from the horse at the free throw line, then behind the legs for the dunk and land back on the horse

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I hope Derozan wins.

I thought Brown would, but he just wasn't creative. He sure is explosive in game though.
i think derozan got it.. it looks like it comes easy to him
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Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
Originally posted by bayarealuv:
i'm sorry but morrow would probably eat all these dudes up..

He was 0-4 I believe last night from 3 pt. You never know but I think Curry is a better shooter.

Morrow is a better "uncontested" shooter. The type of shooter that wins three point contests.

In the game, when those shots are contested, then Morrow's percentages go down drastically.

But in practice, Morrow routinely makes 90/100 threes.

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LMFAO they need to cancel the dunk contest or let amateurs in. This is a pathetic dunk contest.
u serious?? one good dunk out of that whole bunch

that ish was weak

give it to nate
This is poor.
crowd never really got into it
Lebron never shoulda said he would do the dunk contest this year.

this is weak sauce
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