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Thank You Mr. Bobby Bowden

Originally posted by Negrodamus:

How come the 2 girls at the bottom dont have faces?
How come we are the only three to post in this thread. Thats a genius idea, title a thread something boring and mods will pass it and not even look into it, and then post pics of nude chicks.
I'll miss ya Bobby!

Yes, I'm an actual FSU 'Noles fan. But keep the pics coming!
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FSU will never be the same! not an FSU fan, but I know what a legendary coach when I see one. Just glad I got to see him and Joe Pa coach.
Originally posted by Kalen49ers:
All those girls seem really uh smart

Smart in bed.

Darnell Dockett venting on twitter lol

"Oh well I guess ill have to root for a New college FOOTBALL TEAM! -Maybe USC, or TEXAS Nahh I just won't have a team **** it!"

"Who the hell is JUMBO FISHER this ***** all messed up! No donations from me! No visits, my college I went to is Bobby Bowden University!"

@TakeoSpikes51: J Fisher is the only hope 4 yall boyz 2 get back on track.He was @ Auburn when i was there

@ddockett: and yall SUCKED!

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I thought him and Paterno would keep going until the other died and he could claim the record, I wonder if Paterno will hang it up soon?
I think the 49ers cheerleader recruiters should be paying more visits to FSU. These girls are even wearing the right apparel and colors.

Originally posted by silkyjohnson:
I'll miss ya Bobby!

But keep the pics coming!

Originally posted by Negrodamus:

DAG GUM!!!!!
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