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***The Official Boston Celtics 2012-13 thread***

C's starting to make some noise with their 4th straight win (all without Rondo)
celtics aint doing s**t.
Originally posted by unst4bl3:
celtics aint doing s**t.

3-1 since you said that :)
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big 3 are OTB
C's are playing loose now. The rookies stepped up, Rondo is back and Pierce is playing some DAMN good ball.
C's are 9-1 in their last 10 games. Pierce just passed Bird last night in their win over Charlotte for 2nd all time leading scorer in Celtic history. He probably won't catch Havlicek but damn what an accomplishment. Congrats Pierce.
Suckin, 3-7 past 10 games. 8th seed. They need to secure a 3-6 seed. At least the 76ers have the same record the past 10 games.
I hope they don't trade anyone and just do what they tried to do last year and the year before..coast and rest during the reg. season and try to rev it up come playoff time.

They absolutely need to avoid the 7th & 8th seeds though.

Good read by Bill Simmons lol:
C's doing well lately. KG is on a roll. And he just hasn't been doing stuff like this the past years. Are his legs back!?

1:05 & 1:48
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C's just destroyed the 76ers. Next up @ Miami on tomorrow night.

If you guys don't know Ray Allen is coming off the bench and is relishing the role. 2nd year guard Avery Bradley is starting now alongside Rondo.

He's a tremendous on ball defender and he'll guard the opposing team's most troublesome guard allowing Rondo to rest a little and do what he does best---dish out double digit assists on a regular basis (17 straight now). And KG now starts at C. Talk about clearing the paint...KG, Bass, and Pierce can all nail the mid range jumper with ease. Both moves are working wonders for the team.

If only the C's could rebound better. They should hold onto the Atlantic Division title and get the 4th seed.
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Losing Avery Bradley for the rest of the playoffs sucks :(

He was our secret weapon and he would have given Wade all kinds of fits with his on ball defense.

Oh well---maybe Pietrus steps up as he's a terrific defender and will see way more time spelling Allen and Pierce. For Boston to have any chance they really need to step up their offensive game. They have just plained sucked all season and in the post season vs. Atlanta and Philly.

My heart says Boston in 7, my mind says Heat in 5 (just like last year).
C's looking good so far in the off season--solidifying their roster nicely. They could make some noise again.


Off the bench:

Jason Terry
Courtney Lee
Chris Wilcox


Fab Melo
Jared Sullinger

FA's that may come back:

Jeff Green
How about this team??? 6 straight wins! 9-10 players in the rotation. Jeff Green has been posterizing peeps as of late. Pierce has been playing lights out and Rondo is good ole Rondo. Avery Bradley is back and the defense looks like it's shoring up now.

They'll probably regress here and there but they'll bounce back with winning streaks and I expect them to be huge factor in the playoffs when the rotation is solidified.
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