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Whats your favorite pair of basketball shoes?

WHITE Air Forces
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my pf flyers, then my converse allstars.

Oh and back then they were canvas and not leather.
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The K.J

Nike Air Jordan III

Nike Air Penny II

Nike Son Of Glove

Current Basketball Shoes: Kobe Nike Air Huarache

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ahh my first pair of Jordan's
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If I could find these shoes, I'd buy them even if they cost hundreds of dollars

On a side note, I wish the Warriors would go back to their original colors and get rid of the orange and the damn lightning bolt
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Originally posted by Dino:

lol that looks gross
Originally posted by Dino:

God's shoes, FTW.

I've been ballin in Pennys since Ive been buyin bball shoes...I currently ball in two different Air Penny IIs (one for indoor, one for outdoor, im weird like that) and I used to own the Is but dunno where those went lol...there are some sick pennys out there too...the half cents and hybrids? Jesus Christo! lol

I can go for days.

Nike Jordan I (OG Banned color)
Nike Jordan XI Space Jams, Black White, Cool Grey, ALL OF THEM
Nike Foamposite (OG Penny Colorways)

Not hoop shoes...but favorites nonetheless:

I never had these, but these are fresh as f**k:

Ahh...the days of being a sneakerfreak. To be young and not know any better.

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