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Manny Pacquiao vs Mayweather could look a lot like this:

he won on a low blow?? great!
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Originally posted by Crazy49er1313:
Originally posted by nipplehead:
Pretty Boy Floyd is going to beat Pacman......a lot of people on this site don't want to admit it, but it's true.

He's bigger, but just as fast as Pacquiao, and excels at counterpunching. That spells bad news for Pacquiao (who has always been much faster than the guys who were bigger than him - De la Hoya, Hatton being good examples. He doesn't have that advantage against Mayweather.)

Pacman has improved tremendously. One of his biggest knocks was that he was a strict south-paw, and he showed vs Hatton he has a strong right. In all honesty, I know right now Pacman would beat Mayweather. After his warmup (Marquez), if he can regain form after the time off then he might beat Pacman...but i hope not, lol

If he can, i'd be willing to put mayweather up to top 5 all time for actually succeeding against a top opponent (outside hatton).

TOP 5 ALL TIME?!?!? I love Mayweather as much as the next guy but come on! There has been waaaaaaaay too many great fighters to catapult Mayweather over just for beating an undersized Pacquiao. First off, to even consider Mayweather top 15, he has to clean up his division... he needs to beat not only the Pac Man but at least Mosley and Cotto as well, then we can start putting him in the ATG discussion.
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Originally posted by kidash98:
Originally posted by glorydayz:
How do you figure this? Floyd hasn't lost a fight so how do you figure he is on the decline? He beat Hatton & Oscar just like Manny did so what are you talking about?

If Mayweather is that good of a fighter, and I don't doubt that he is, he'd take on Manny without dancing around and coming up with excuses left and right. PERIOD.

Seriously, I like Mayweather, but he doesn't help himself by running around what could be the biggest fight in so many years! Oh, and see Stoney's response...

- 98

Excuses? You know, he came back strictly to fight Pac Man and rake in a $15-20 million pay day, right? Dude's been off for two years, he needs a warm-up first.

Plus, Bob Arum and Floyd don't exactly get along, so if there's any reason the fight doesn't go down (assuming both Pac and Floyd win their next match) blame Manny's promoter, just watch.
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Originally posted by phiLthyphiL:
As for Pac/Cotto, Pac's never felt a true welter's punch...but then again Cotto's never faced speed like Pac. If Cotto comes into the ring in the high 150's, even 160, forget about it, Pac will utilize the same exact strategy he used to pick apart De La Hoya's face.

Pac will come into the November bout at 148-150. Book it. He'll definitely hurt when Cotto hits him. Thing is, will he be able to catch him? Also, keep in mind that Cotto cuts easily, how easily a lightweight will cut him we'll see. Cotto can take some punches. It sure will be exciting as hell though.

Vegas normally knows their s**t when it comes to boxing. The current odds right now are

Pacman -265
Cotto +205

Under 9.5 rounds -155
Over 9.5 rounds +115

For those of you with the lucky non-degenerate trait of gambling, the odds imply that Pacman is more than 2 1/2 to one favorite to win the fight, and more than likely will win before the 10th round. I'm a pretty optimistic Pacquiao fan, but to say he's a 2.5 to 1 favorite is a bit ridiculous IMO. I can totally see why they placed the O/U at 9.5. Like I said, if Cotto comes in not able to handle Pacquiao's speed, Pacquiao WILL open a cut on Cotto's face and a stoppage will be in the works if he's given adequate time to butter it up.

DLH was weight drained though, he was a 35 year old trying to make welter and had to inject himself to get properly hydrated, Freddy Roach said as much. DLH was a walking punching bag that night. Pac hasn't even started training yet, Cotto is already in full swing at his camp. Trust me, Cotto will be comfortable at whatever weight he comes in.
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