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Who is the bigger SF Sports Star?

Who is the bigger SF Sports Star?

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Who is bigger?

Patrick Willis is about 6'1", 240 lbs.

Tim Lincecum is about 5'7", 170 lbs.

Willis is bigger.

I thought lincecum was 5'11 and 170? That's exactly what I am too.

Don't know his weight but he's 5'10" which is what I am so that's how I remember. Course he could have put on another inch since he was drafted.

Lincecum. Baseball is a lot bigger over here than football. I Love football more though.
Alex Smith if he didn't resemble a bust as much as he does.
i love the niners way more than the giants but im gonna say Timmy. He's a phenom. Tim "The Franchise" Lincecum wins in this situation
Lincecum is far bigger nationally and locally.

both are future HOFers though. you can quote me on that. if Patrick Willis and Tim Lincecum can avoid injury issues, both will be inducted into their sports' HOF someday. no doubt in my mind. you can already see it.

when Mike Singletary says "this kid is going to be better than i was." its pretty much a lock.

and the poise and maturity, along with total understanding of how to pitch in the major leagues, after only 2.5 years and at 25 years old, its hard to imagine Lincecum not going to Cooperstown someday. with the stuff he has, and already a CY winner at age 24, you cant help but think about Roger Clemens with his 7 CY and going "hmm.....hed only have to win 6 more in maybe 15+ more seasons..."
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